Core Business Philosophy

The future of health care reform will demand smaller and more nimble community-based networks of providers working in tandem to manage the total health care needs of a population – not just individual patients. Coordination of patient services to improve access, eliminate redundancy, and improve outcomes will require resources outside the physician’s office. Physicians are simply not paid to perform or provide these services. Therefore, these resources are a functional part of Unity’s contribution to its practice management structure.

Unity Physician Partners has the extensive management experience and proven expertise to structure reimbursement and funding strategies that maximize revenue. With a focus on outcomes, payor savings are realized as populations access to quality care improves. Unity understands how to organize and deploy the clinical and administrative resources necessary to coordinate the population-based care strategies required to maximize revenue. The medical savings realized as a result of improved patient outcomes are returned to Unity physicians in the form of increased income as well as increased services to care for Unity patients.


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UPP’s Mission

To provide a holistic, person-centered system of care in the communities we serve, including the medically underserved population, by integrating primary care and behavioral healthcare that improves overall quality of care through more time with patients, effective care coordination and an intense focus on outcomes.